A modern world stitched with tradition

Passa Paa is a textile studio that merges traditional Hmong handicraft skills with a modern print aesthetic. Our entire process is produced by hand in our studio, where you’ll find us busy with a mix of crafts and techniques. We’re either at the computer recreating traditional Hmong patterns by hand drawing them digitally, or downstairs at our print tables, where we screen print all our textiles one by one by our team of Lao print masters. Our prints then find their way to Hmong women who stitch their appliqué magic on top using sewing skills that have been passing through their family for generations. Finally our products are assembled locally by our self taught Hmong tailor and his family. Each piece is unique, made with care and layers of craft both new and old. With our passion for ‘the handmade’, ’the traditional’ and exploring new ideas, we strive to keep craft alive for the generations to come. If you find your way through the mist and the mountains of Laos, we welcome you to stop by our studio here in Luang Prabang and discover our world.