LEATHER BOWL 'Hmong Hearts'

LEATHER BOWL 'Hmong Hearts'


A decorative handmade leather bowl which can be used for storing all sorts of odds and end in a stylish way. Great to use when coming back home to keep your keys, coins, watch etc all in one place.

The edges of the bowl have been finished with a hand stitched wax thread. The inside of the bowl is lined with cotton that we have handprinted using our signature 'washed out' printing so the print is never the same twice and has a textural look to it. 

This bowl is constructed by Chai, a self taught, keen young craftsman who works closely with us at Passa Paa to develop ideas together in our studio. He is always striving to further his skills to the highest quality.  

Your purchase with us ensures that the makers we work with can continue using their craft as a means to support their families living in the more remote areas of Laos.


   •  Height 5cm, diameter 20cm

   •  Hand stitched edge

   •  Hand printed cotton

   •  Cow leather

For international shipping the item is shipped with proof of postage only, possible tax or duties to be covered by customer.

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