HOUNGVILAI HOTEL | Wall Panels and furnishings | Luang Prabang, July 2018

Houngvilai Hotel is a Lao owned and newly built contemporary hotel set in the heart of Luang Prabang heritage town. They asked us to design bespoke wall panels for their master and executive bedrooms. Each piece involves a combination of our patterns which have been masterfully hand printed on cotton and then embellished with Hmong hand stitched applique in silk on top. Each room also features matching cushions and bed runners to compliment the wall hangings in the room.

AVANI + HOTEL | Wall panels | Luang Prabang, September 2016

In keeping with the natural earthy tones and the individually crafted look of the Avani+ Hotel, we were asked to create over 200 pieces of bespoke art work for this stunning new addition to Luang Prabang. The lobby trip-tic uses our ‘Mountain’ print composed of many hand printed layers of pattern to represent the morning vistas of lingering mist that clings to the mountains surrounding Luang Prabang. For the guest bedrooms we used the more geometric of the traditional Hmong motifs, printing and stitching the art works in a contemporary composition.

COLD RIVER HOTEL | Wooden Art Pieces and furnishings | Luang Prabang, September 2015

We were so excited when our friends Ruddy and Marion, owners of Cold River Hotel, asked us to play a part in the creation of their latest venture. In this charming riverside family run hotel exclusive Passa Paa prints on wooden panels decorate the bedroom and reception walls with matching printed bedside tables and bedrunners.