Decorative Party Flags

Decorative Party Flags


Our beautiful hand printed bunting flags make a perfect decoration for outdoor or indoor festivities, weddings, kids parties etc. or just to add a bit of colour and vibrance to what ever the occasion.

These 3m length bunting flags are available in two colour ranges, a combination of blues or a combination of reds/pinks with prints on both sides.  

The up-cycled fabrics we use have been hand printed in our Lao studio. We use remnant materials from the off-cuts from our other products as a means to reduce waste in our production process. 

The bunting has been threaded with a waxed yarn and each triangle flag can be moved and adjusted accordingly.


As we use remnant fabric from our production off-cuts the print combinations may vary from the images you see our photos. If you would like to see a selection prior to purchasing or us shipping the product please send us an email : and we can email an image of the selection you can choose from.


  •  Mixed materials of cotton, organic hand woven cotton from Laos and linen

  •  Handprinted using eco dyes

  •  Double sided flags, machine stitched together with raw edges

  •  The garland has approx. 29 flags on, and each flag is 10cm across and 11.5cm long. The flags placed end to end measures approx. 3m in length with about 25cm of extra cord at each end. You can space the flags out, they slide easily and you can always attach a longer piece of string to what ever your desired length. 


The colour is fast, so these can be hand washed in warm water with regular washing powder/liquid. Once dry (or whilst still damp) they can be ironed on a cotton setting with care to avoid ironing the thread. 

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